Appetizers, vegetables in oil
and fruit preserves


We work fruit and vegetable of season coming from our gardensto bring on your table a selection of typical Piedmont’s products, preserves and jams for every occasion.

We only use 100% Italian ingredients following the production cycle of the ground. Each stage, from the harvest to the production, to the selling is curated specifically in our farmhouse, to assure the maximum quality in each recipe.

Discover our three lines inspired to the recipes of Nonna Maddelena and make your order.

Aubergines in oil
Courgettes in oil
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Bruschetta of aubergines and peppers
Bruschetta of artichokes and chili peppers
Green sauce
Chilli pepper
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Chili pepper jam
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Apricots jam
Strawberry jam
Barbera mustard
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Red sauce
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Artichokes in oil
Thistles in oil
White aubergines in oil
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Piedmontese appetizer
Peppers in oil
Spring onions in oil

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